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Cushion Grip


  • Easy-to-use StickyPads help cushions stay in place
  • Cushions can be removed and replaced many times before pad needs to be cleaned
  • Easy care – just wipe with wet cloth and let dry
  • Leaves no residue
  • Works best with smooth soft surfaces. Adheres more permanently to glass, metal, and other hard smooth surfaces.
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StickyPad Cushion Grip helps prevent wheel chair and mobility scooter cushions from slipping. The pads are quick and easy to use: – Clean the seat surface – Remove the white label from the StickyPad and place it on seat surface. This side of the pad adheres firmly to the seat, but can be removed if necessary – Remove the transparent label – Place cushion on the seat StickyPad helps prevent your cushion from slipping while allowing easy removal of the cushion. Putting the cushion down and removing it can be done many times before the pads need to be cleaned. Care is easy – simply clean the pads staying in place with a wet cloth and let dry. The pads are sticky again when fully dried. StickyPad does not leave residue on seat and cushions. StickyPad work best on dry and relatively smooth surfaces like seat cushions designed for wheel chairs or scooters. Typically at least two pads on the right and left side of the seat are needed to prevent the cushion from slipping. Four pads used as shown in the picture provide a much better effect. Please note that the cushions are NOT securely attached to the seat with StickyPad and it does not replace a safety belt or harness. StickyPad very effectively helps to prevent slippage especially when getting on or off the chair or scooter.

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