Tool Sorter Pliers Organizer


Tool Sorter Pliers Organizer with pliers

Up to 11 pliers can be stored 

Width of compartments: 0.6" to 1.15"
Tray open on one side - size of 12" is no limit and longer tools can be stored



The tray can be used not only for pliers but for a wide range of tools such as files, long drills. grill lighters - anything that fits into the compartments. Small troughs in the storage section reduce movement of tools. Some customers are even using it in kitchen drawers.


Tool Sorter Pliers Organizer in shallow tool tray with loose pliers

Pliers are stored on edge which makes this organizer so efficient. All the pliers shown fit in one tray. The open end of the tray can be trimmed to make it fit in tool drawers.

Product Details


Dimensions: 12" x 10" x 1.25"

Weight: ~ 0.9 lbs (~ 400g)

Material: ABS

Standard colors: Red and black

Country of Origin: USA

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Tool Sorter Pliers Organizer

Check out how the pliers tray deals with a 4 lbs hammer in free fall

Tool SOrter Pliers Organizer

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