Product ideas


'Reverse' socket organizer

We revisited an idea of a socket organizer where the sockets are held in place at the working end of the socket instead of the drive end. Well, it turns out that this idea was patented in 1986 (see picture of patent drawings). It seems that for whatever reason this idea never made it to the market. The patented version shown in Fig. 3 where the sockets on the holder can rotate is commercially available as 'conventional' organizer with drive studs as holders  (picked one up in Home Depot).  
Despite this history we designed and 3D printed a prototype of a 'reverse' socket rail organizer and will post an update with pictures soon. 

Novel socket rail prototype

Sizing clips on rail


The clip holds a specific socket size regardless of the drive hole size. Sockets get sorted just by putting them on the right clip on the rail. Missing sockets get spotted easily.

Regular and new clips on rail


Regular and new clips can be 'mixed' on the rail. New clips hold metric sockets, drive size clips hold metric tools - whatever works best for a job.

Socket mounted on clips


This is what it looks like when sockets sit on the clips. The sockets on the right are held by a regular clip in the drive hole.

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